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Beauty is an Inside Job

Posted by Shannon Chappelle on

I’m on a quest to infuse some beauty back into life. At Spa Chappelle we have always believed in taking care of your skin inside and out. Literally. Whole nutrient dense foods that will nourish your skin and body and quality non-toxic skin care that will give you the glowing results you desire.


What about your vibrational energy? You know that woman that lights up a room when she walks in to it. She is present. She looks you in the eye when she is speaking to you and she is listening to every word you say. She leans in and is there if you need to lean on her. Her heart is bright. She is taking good care of herself so she can take good care of you too.

Making life juicy again…

I recently started offering an in spa experience called the Organic Beauty Transformation. This includes a 45 minutes wellness consultation and a Spa Chappelle Facial. In creating the Mind, Body, Skin, Soul questionnaire I wanted to dig a little deeper to find out what lit you up on the inside. What made your heart beat….and what rituals do you do now.. or can start doing to get your inner fire glowing.
What do you do to make your life beautiful? What keeps your life rich? I want to know what feeds your soul….
I love wearing a sexy pair of heels while preparing an authentic dish from some other part of this world and enjoying the wine to match.

Relaxed dinner parties with family and friends. I love to share the experience of good food, wine, deep conversations and belly laughs.

A fabulous bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table.

I think it is important to be surrounded by as many living things as possible. A fresh bowl of limes will do.

I love looking my kids in the eye and really listening to what it is they are saying. It’s important to them. They love it when I really see them.

Embracing the sacredness of an early morning start to my day. My meditation practice, when the house is quiet. It’s just me, god and the sunrise.

A hot bath and a good book with Miles Davis playing in the back ground..
Writing …with candles lit, lots of them.

Relationship with Life

Our relationship with life is a practice. When I read A New Earth by Eckart Tolle years ago he asked this question, “What is your relationship with life?”

It makes us stop to think, “How are we really living? And are we living at all?”

The first relationship you need to bring the most attention to is yourself. How you treat yourself is ultimately how you will treat others. Be good to yourself.

I say we bring the life back to the party…continue to think of little things and big things that captivate your heart, fulfill your soul and deeply satisfy your hunger for life.



Everyone has something that makes them feel fulfilled and energized. As the owner of Spa Chappelle, I get to live my passion every day. I love inspiring people to enrich their lives by exploring their passions and tackling their goals, and the spa has given me the perfect opportunity to do that.

My role as a skincare consultant lets me nurture my guests, leaving them feeling confident and relaxed. As a wellness coach, I support them as they learn to nourish their minds and spirits by embracing a mindful, inspired lifestyle.

My desire to help people become their best selves pushes me beyond helping my guests. I also enjoy mentoring and supporting my staff members by giving them the flexibility and encouragement to pursue their own dreams.

After all, when people are doing something they love, they glow with a natural energy and beauty that can't be bought.

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