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Feeling Good and Detoxing for your Skin and Body

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If you are ready to get vibrant and simply want to feel your best, detoxing is one of the quickest ways to get there.

Those first few waking moments in the morning, and what I choose to do with them will set the tone for the rest of my day.  I typically start with meditation (my alone time before the world needs me) followed by a cup of hot water with lemon.  Meditation achieves the positive tone I’m looking for in my day. My intentions are clear and I’m left feeling more grounded, organized and a little richer. My lemon water is where my cleansing begins.

Another feel good potion I take daily is Nova Greens Raw Superfood .  It is my guarantee that I’m receiving the phytonutrients and antioxidants my skin cells and body are waiting for.  Nova Greens is my green goddess in a bottle-a true beauty super food and 100% certified Organic… potent and pure. With 44 plus ingredients it provides me with nutritional value, support for the digestive system and a boost of life energy.

Some of my favourite beauty food ingredients in this formula are Acai Berry, Chorella, Algae, Goji Berry, Licorice (also found it our Sweet Skin Tea;), Spirilina and Dandelion.

This slow beauty cocktail of ingredients will make your skin glow by working on the inside-to balance pH levels, detoxify and help achieve mental clarity.

Why is it important to balance your pH levels and why should you strive for a more alkaline (neutral) diet?   Acid forming foods cause inflammation in the tissues.  Inflammation causes cellular weakness and an inability of the cell to transport nutrients. Over time, this inevitably leads to cellular death. So much of our diet consists of these acid forming foods, such as red meat, coffee, grains, dairy products, eggs and canned tomatoes.

If you really want to kick your body into action and get your cells functioning at their highest level, start by introducing a more alkaline diet into your everyday living.

Eating ripe, raw foods that are whole and unprocessed is an excellent way to cleanse.  Let fresh juices and smoothies act as your super food supplements. These foods are energetic and alive. Living foods have a higher vibrational energy and they will energize you! The cleaner we eat the more our bodies will release toxins. You will feel lighter and brighter when you start your day with Nova Greens Raw Super foods and water.

In colder seasons like fall, winter and sometimes spring depending on where you live, it is important to consume your food warm. You can warm smoothies and fresh juices up by adding hot water. 

Detoxing uncovers our brilliance. It is a path to letting go of what our bodies no longer need and… IT FEELS GOOD!!

Hot Herbal Mud Mask

The Eminence Organic Herbal Mud Mask will invigorate your skin to give it a healthy glow! A key ingredient is thermal mud, which has mineral trace elements and sulfur to nourish your skin. Cinnamon will revitalize and Hungarian paprika will heat things up to increase blood flow. When we increase blood flow it pushes toxins out of the skin and forces new blood in the capillary wall to oxygenate our skin!

Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing daily before showering will tone your skin, stimulate your lymphatic system , slough off dead skin cells and help reduce cellulite.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna is one of the most effective ways to pull toxins out of your cells. Water molecules will hold toxins, Infrared will agitate the molecule forcing it to pop and release toxins making this an excellent treatment for cellulite too. This penetrating heat is also incredibly relaxing….

Feeling good increases your flexibility, resiliency, effectiveness and magnetism.
–Danielle Laporte



Everyone has something that makes them feel fulfilled and energized. As the owner of Spa Chappelle, I get to live my passion every day. I love inspiring people to enrich their lives by exploring their passions and tackling their goals, and the spa has given me the perfect opportunity to do that.

My role as a skincare consultant lets me nurture my guests, leaving them feeling confident and relaxed. As a wellness coach, I support them as they learn to nourish their minds and spirits by embracing a mindful, inspired lifestyle.

My desire to help people become their best selves pushes me beyond helping my guests. I also enjoy mentoring and supporting my staff members by giving them the flexibility and encouragement to pursue their own dreams.

After all, when people are doing something they love, they glow with a natural energy and beauty that can't be bought.

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