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Fresh Skin Detox

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It's January 2018 and we are ready to start FRESH! We are excited to gift you Shannon's Fresh Skin Detox with the purchase of any Sweet Skin Detox Tea this month!

I will be forever grateful to the spa industry for introducing me to the healing modalities of food, yoga, breath and the power of positive thinking.

 I started my esthetic practice just a few months before my 21st birthday. Three years into my spa career I had been using high-quality plant-based skin care. My skin had already gone through a beautiful transformation in that time. The glowing results had me committed to my skincare routine day and night and it has been that way for the last 20 years!

The most dramatic skin transformation took effect when I did my first juice cleanse. I was 24 years young. I could NOT believe the difference. My skin felt like velvet. I was effortlessly fit and bouncing with high energy and a whole lotta joy.

The fresh juice-raw food cleanse happened to fall on my lap as summer was beginning, so the cooling properties and living enzymes of the fruits and vegetables served my body, mind, and skin well...

Not so much in the winter...

Through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, I've learned to keep my digestive fire stoked and my body warm with healing spices and cooked nourishing foods during the cold winter months.

Join me for this 7 day Fresh Skin Detox - you'll be feeling brand new!

P.S. Cleansing creates clarity... If you are setting intentions and big goals for 2018. Clear away the clutter first. Inside and out. It will get you closer to goals for your soul.

Shannon Chappelle

CEO & Founder 

Creator of Sweet Skin Tea


Purchase your Sweet Skin Detox Tea HERE and we will send your 7-day Fresh Skin Detox straight to your inbox! Be sure to leave your email with us at the time of checkout! This offer is also available at both Spa Chappelle locations!



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