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Love is our life force.

Posted by Shannon Chappelle on

Love is our life force, and when we are fully participating in the practice of self-love, we are divinely connected to our personal power. 

When I'm in that place of soul connection, there is no fear and only my true self. I'm active in creating the life I want to live, and I trust myself and the outcome. 

How to get there?

It's all in the way we feel....

For me it takes a daily practice of gratitude, getting centered with early morning meditations and mantras, healthy meal planning, setting healthy boundaries with my schedule and relationships, surrounding myself with those that support me and lift me, allowing help from others and living fully on purpose. 

Living with a purpose gives me energy! We all have something that we love and makes us feel alive! 

In my Make Your Life Beautiful Retreat one of our Soul Sessions includes questions like:

What lights your fire? What gets you excited? How can you make space for more of this in your life? 

The two highest vibrations there is are JOY and LOVE.

What self-care and self-love practices can you put in place daily to tap into that vibrational energy? 

Because when you are tapped into your power, ( your true self ) you start making decisions that serve your life. When you are building and living a life that you love,  you show up differently. You come as your true self; you are so full with the good stuff you're ready to serve.

Make this commitment to yourself. Make your sacred contract to yourself. 

How will I love myself more? How will I stay full? 

How will I stay immersed in the beauty of my own soul? 

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