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Q & A with Lindsay Hallman- Passionate Vegan and Soon to Be Graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Posted by Shannon Chappelle on

1. Isn't just food & water enough?

Sadly, not anymore. Large scale farming practices have degraded the soil to levels where our fruits & vegetables no longer hold the same nutritional values they did 20-30 years ago.

2. Why supplements?

Nutritional values in our food today is lacking. Whole foods are and always will be the first choice for seeking proper nutrition, however our bodies do require some additional support of supplements to ensure we receive not only the vitamins, but essential minerals which have been stripped from our foods.

3. What's in the healthy living pack?

The healthy living pack provides high quality, cellular nutrition from USANA. We've taken the top products from USANA : the Health Pak, which is a premium selection of essential vitamins & minerals, Probiotic, Hepa Plus for liver support, and Proflavanol C to feed our body exactly what it needs for our health to benefit.

4. How do they help my skin?

Remember that our skin is the largest organ we have - which means it needs a lot of support to maintain optimal health & elasticity - topical treatments alone however are not enough; it is what we put into our bodies as well. Vitamin C has been toted as "a face lift in a bottle" - this essential antioxidant is needed for growth and repair of tissues in the body, and helps to restore collagen in the skin. Since our body does not store Vitamin C in the tissues, we must consume it on a regular basis. USANA has combined the powers of Vitamin C with grape-seed bioflavonoids which work together to provide advanced antioxidant protection.

5. How does the digestion line help my skin?

When sourcing the cause of most skin problems, looking to our digestive system is the best place to start. The proper balance of our digestion affects so much of our well-being, unfortunately it is often overburdened & overlooked. Optimal digestion thrives on healthy gut bacteria, efficient elimination of waste & toxins, and limiting the use of non-foods, such as sugar, caffeine & alcohol. These and other non-foods wreck havoc on our digestive system, which eventually becomes so burdened that it shows in our skin health.

6. What are the probiotics & digestive enzyme doing for me?

Probiotics help to restore the healthy gut bacteria mentioned previously. Without healthy bacteria thriving in our gut, the bad bacteria is left to grow & inhibit proper nutrient absorption, as well as a long list of other digestive complications.
Digestive Enzymes help our body detox and digest more efficiently. We naturally produce these enzymes in our gut, however as we age the production slows down, causing digestion and elimination to slow as well. Proper elimination is key in the detoxing process to ensure we are eliminating waste and toxins daily.

7. How does my liver play a role in skin health?

Our liver is responsible for performing over 500 functions within the body. Needless to say, it requires additional support to ensure it is functioning properly. As mentioned with digestive enzymes, the liver naturally detoxifies the body, however the burden that today's toxic environment places on our second largest organ is limiting efficiency at which it can perform optimally. When our detoxing system is not functioning properly, this can lead to a spill over of unwanted toxins into other systems - usually the first being our skin. The most common skin issue related to the liver is acne, however other skin problems such as premature aging, acne rosacea, psoriasis and eczema have all been linked to the health of our liver.

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