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Refresh Mind, Body, Soul.

Posted by Shannon Chappelle on

January is one of my most favorite months. It's like taking one big deep breath and starting on a fresh and open path to newness.

I love the feeling of new beginnings. An opportunity to hit the reset button to leave the old behind and begin again.

January is a time that I commit to myself. I map out a well-being plan for the new year coming. I review the year before first and take notice of what felt good and what can I move along to make space for the new. I set intentions and goals. I take time to reflect on what truly nourishes my soul.

As a previous facilitator for the Desire Map Workshops that focus on creating goals with soul, the question is and always will be:


How do I want to feel? What lights me up? How can I do more of that?


And I always dive into a deep cleanse and fully commit to my self-care physically, mentally and spiritually. 

 I map out a transformative 21 day cleanse of eliminating dairy, sugar, and wheat while adding more greens, healthy fats, probiotics, and a small amount of clean hormone-free proteins. I schedule in my early to bed, early to rise.

I take the time to do this because let's face it, November and December can be  busy. These deep winter months are a beautiful time to cocoon, nourish and reconnect with yourself.

And I love the way I feel after a deep dive.

I know for certain that when I feel healthy, energized and cared for that I am my best operator. I make better decisions because I feel rooted and alive at the same time. I feel like my true self. 

To get into the zone of connecting with your source energy and knowing what you want for your 2019, try my Chakra Meditation. I use this meditation in my Make Your Life Beautiful Retreats to open up and allow energy to flow,  and to create a connection with self.  This meditation opens up all seven chakras and will have you reflecting on all areas of your life.

Chakras are power centers that start at the base of your spine and work their way up to the crown of your head. These seven energy centers represent all areas of your life. A simple meditation can help get energy flowing. 


You can find the Chakra Meditation Audio here on our YouTube Channel.



Here are a few other links for warm nourishment in the winters months. 

Turmeric Smoothie

Pumpkin Smoothie

Kitchari - a detoxifying Ayurvedic dish.


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Let us take care of you so that you can take care of all of the things you want to with joy and happiness. 

All my love,


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