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Self-care connects us to our power and JOY.

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Self-care connects us to our power and joy.

When the stress is gone, there we are - standing in our truth.

What is our truth?

Joy, love, purpose, hope, happiness, self confidence and any other high vibration emotion you can think of.

Stress is a natural part of human existence - how we choose to respond to it is up to us.

When I feel my best; centered, rooted, inspired, healthy, and rested - I'm more engaged in life itself. Life becomes this dance that you enjoy jiving and creating with.

After our recent spa expansion in Tantallon, I am more connected than ever to my vision of creating spa spaces that provide our communities with a place that makes them feel at home, cared for, and at peace. And to give them inside and out self-care tools that make them feel their best.

So this is your invitation to connect with your true self again and again. Our team at Spa Chappelle is here to support you in making your life beautiful in every way possible.


All my love,



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