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Soul Sessions for Sunday

Posted by Shannon Chappelle on

I love my Sundays! It's a day to renourish, to give myself and my family my undivided attention. 

I talk a lot about how easy it is to get hooked on fast in today's ever demanding world. When I get hooked, I feel like I'm being yanked...this way and that way. It feels like my outside world is running me instead of me running it.

The good news; there is always a reset button you can hit. Bringing focus to yourself and making joy your priority connects you to your true self. I call it your soul-self. Your highest wisest operator.

If you're feeling out of sorts or you just want to fill up with the good stuff, make a self-care list that nourishes you..

Set some intentions. Remember why and what the outcome of doing these things for yourself will be. 

Here's a few of my go to's:


1. TM Meditation

> Give your brain a break. We have 50,000 -70,000 thoughts per day, this means 35 and 48 thoughts per minute! This constant chatter can create a block between you, your true self and your peace.

2. Yoga- moving meditation. 

> I think of yoga as energy in motion. Our bodies are designed to move. I love a good heart opening sequence. 

3. Veggies- making them the main focus of my meals. 

>Plants first. These are my glow-to foods. Spice them up with fresh or dried herbs, and you have a healthy dose of antioxidants and fiber.

4. Meal planning.

>I like feeling prepared. And I am particular with what I eat. So this one practice keeps me calm and organized. I don't operate well on hangry either.

5. Forest Bathing

>Yes Forest Bathing is a thing! The term dates back to 1982 when Japan's Ministry of Agriculture began promoting what he thought were the physiological and psychological benefits of shinrin-yoku, or "taking in the forest atmosphere."  I feel lucky, my home is right in the center of a beautiful forest. I can step out and be present in nature at any moment. Where ever you are, find the woods. 

6. Golden Milk makes a great nightcap. 

>Grass fed milk or any homemade nut milk of your choice, 1/2 tsp of turmeric, 1/8 tsp of ginger, 1/8 tsp of cinnamon and a sprinkle of fresh black pepper. Heat it on the stove top. Do not boil. Whip it in the blender and serve.  

7. Journaling.

>Curl up with your favorite cup of herbal tea, journal, and pen and start writing. Writing is a powerful tool for releasing emotions and sorting out our thoughts and feelings. It's also an excellent tool for intention setting, goals and vision planning. 

8. Book some time at the SPA!

>Let someone take care of you. I just had the best manicure and pedicure Friday. I was way overdue.. I'm looking and my nails now. I feel polished and complete. 

Happy Soul Sunday!

All my love,


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