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Sweet Skin Detox Tea

Posted by Spa Chappelle on

When our inner rhythms are in harmony you can see the sparkle in your eyes and the glow in your skin.  


Created by our CEO and Founder, Shannon Chappelle, our new Steeped in Beauty - Sweet Skin Detox Tea will leave you feeling and looking radiant. This 100% purely organic tea only contains ingredients of the highest quality. 


Hibiscus: High in Vitamins A, C, and E.  Contains malic, tartaric, and citric acid to boost immunity and promote better skin.

Burdock Root:  Antioxidant, stimulates cell regeneration of the liver.

Dandelion Leaf Tea:  Promotes cleansing, supports liver health, and reduces systemic inflammation.

Orange Peel: High in Vitamin C. Skin revitalizer. Over 60 flavonoids to firm skin and slow down aging.

Nettle: Brings balance to the kidneys and adrenals.

Licorice Root: A sweet-tasting de-stressor that supports adrenal function.

Peppermint:  A powerful antioxidant and digestive aid.


Not recommended during pregnancy.


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