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Sweet Skin Detox Tea Refresher

Posted by Spa Chappelle on

If you're looking for the perfect healthy - get your skin glowing summer refresher, look no further!

Shannon's Sweet Skin Detox Refresher will not only quench your thirst, but it will also make your liver and skin happy too!!

What you'll need                                                

1.5 cups of brewed Sweet Skin Detox Tea
5 Sprigs of Fresh Mint Leaves
3 -4 Local Strawberries
Juice of 1 Lime or more
1 T - 2T of Maple Syrup depending on desired sweetness (optional)
1/2 Cup - 3/4 Cup of Sparkling Water


1. Steep a heaping T of Sweet Skin Detox Tea in 1.5 cups of water for 10 min

2. Muddle Mint Leaves, Strawberries, Lime Juice, and Maple Syrup in a tumbler.      

3. Add Sweet Skin Detox Tea, top with ice, and Sparkling Water.



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