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The Perfect Skin Routine and Tips for Aging Skin.

Posted by Shannon Chappelle on

The Perfect Skin Regimen for Aging Skin.


Our skin starts aging at 16; this is not doom and gloom; it's just science. 

And knowledge is power. How we care for our skin today will significantly impact our skin ten years from now.

Those ten years will arrive sooner than you think!

I've been in the spa industry for 29 years and have been passionately caring for  skin ever since.


My top advice for taking care of your skin today:


  1. Include treating your neck and chest with your morning and night routine. 
  2. Use sunscreen.
  3. The skin has two sides; take care of both. 


 There is always time to start caring for your skin, you will see healthy changes in your skin when you add these tips to your skin care routine.


I have seen incredible results immediately after someone receives a 60-minute facial, followed by 30 days of high-quality clean skincare. 


Ok here is an ideal skincare routine:





Tone - Balances your ph and gives your epidermis a good drink.

Essence - An electrolyte and skincare primer (pulls other products deeper into your skin) 

Serum - Essential for adding high potency nutrients into your skin.

Moisturize - Protect, hydrate and nourish.

SPF - Age prevention. 




Double Cleanse - It is so important to remove makeup and pollutants before applying your products; this step ensures product penetration.






Extra Tips:


Your richer serums and moisturizers should be used at night, this helps with TEWL(transepidermal water loss).


Vitamin C is a beautiful thing; use it as one of your day serums. It will boost collagen, strengthen capillaries, act as a natural sun filter, and brighten your overall skin. 



Vibrant skin comes from removing unwanted dead skin, allowing for better product penetration.  


You can exfoliate with a time-released retinol nightly or a peel or physical exfoliant three to four times a week.


Masque 3-4 times a week.


Book regular Facials!


Use clean and organic skincare. 


The skin has two sides!


Supplement with Omegas, these beauty elixirs keep water in the skin cells and toxins out. 

Drink collagen.

Drink water - best skin hack ever. 


Don't stress - meditate.


Get the sleep you need.


Nourish healthy relationships.


Spend time doing all the things you love as much as you possibly can. 



I love you, and I really care about your skin!


CEO and Founder of Spa Chappelle 

Master Skin Therapist

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