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Welcome to our new website. We are so excited to have you here!

Posted by Shannon Chappelle on


We are on the cusp of our 10th anniversary and we have so many more things ahead. This new website allows us to share our thoughts and ideas and provides you with a simple way to connect with all that we have to offer.

Beauty inside out has been our core belief from the very beginning of Spa Chappelle. Our goal is to bring you back to your true nature of happiness and joy.

Your experience starts with us the moment you open our doors. We are here to take care of you with hands, heart and soul.

We promise to give you the best skin and body care products our industry has to offer. We provide the best in skin therapy with our extraordinary facials and we have a deep passion for rejuvenation through detoxification.  

Stress is only our reaction to life. It’s not who we really are. If we can offer you an hour of true peace, where you feel like you again, we’ve done our job.

We’re making skin beautiful, we’re making a difference - both inside and out.

I’m Shannon Chappelle. Please join myself and our team to Make Your Life Beautiful.

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