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Why Spa? 


After 25 years in the spa industry and 46 years on this planet, I have an even deeper appreciation for what spas offer.


I know for sure...


Spas are building communities. 


These communities are rich in wellness and support. In this ever-changing and fast-paced world, spas are helping us combat stress.

Spas remind us to get back to our truth. Stress is not who we are. Ask yourself, "Who am I when the pressure is gone? - Who am I when I am at peace?" Take a deep breath and sit with that thought for a moment. 


Spas are a source of touch and human connection.


We all know that we need more of that in-person connectedness, especially in today's digital world. Spas get us away from our screens. 


We also want to go to places where we feel seen, heard, and supported. 


Spas promote longevity and healthy skin.


At Spa Chappelle, we always choose organic, clean skincare, and we partner with companies that share the same values as us. 


Facials and a consistent skin regimen at home will undoubtedly pay your skin dividends later in life. 


Facials take the chaos away; it's like a full hour of meditation that brings your entire being into parasympathetic mode. It is in this state of relaxation that we do our best healing. Facials build healthy skin, slow down aging, and provide a source of touch. 


Spas inspire us to infuse the spa life at home, building beautiful experiences. 


Spas aren't just a luxurious visit for once in a while.


They are a beautiful and essential self-care tool that continues to bring us back to the best of who we are. 


With all my love,



CEO & Founder of Spa Chappelle

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