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Winter Morning Self-Care Rituals

Posted by Shannon Chappelle on


Daily morning self-care rituals set us up for a healthy, successful day by helping to keep our mind and nervous system calm. When we carry the energy we created that morning through the day, it enhances our interaction with life.


Here are a few winter tips to keep you feeling your best:


Get a good night's sleep.

Wake up refresh by getting a good night's sleep. Sleep is a crucial part of well-being. Your body works hard while you sleep to assimilate what you consumed that day, not just food but your thoughts and what was in your overall environment. 


Rid the mouth of ama. 


Start your day by brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue. As your body detoxes through the night, an accumulation of ama (according to Ayurveda) is on the tongue. Ama accumulates toxins that can show up as a white or yellowish coating on the tongue—so drinking or eating anything before this ritual is not advised.


Drink a Virgin Hot Totty


This simple drink is delicious and soul-warming.


Here's the recipe:

Choose organic when possible. Spices are like medicine.

Pour the following into your favorite mug:

Juice of one fresh lemon, a dash of cinnamon, ginger root powder, a tsp of honey or maple syrup, and 8 oz of hot water.  

Stir and enjoy!

Lemon stimulates digestion, cinnamon is excellent for balancing blood sugar, and ginger is warming and aids in digestion.  


Dry Brushing and Self Massage before you shower. 


Dry brushing is a great detoxifier, it removes dead skin, and it stimulates the lymphatic system to get moving. 


Oleation or Self Massage over the entire body, including the scalp, is like putting a protective shield over your whole body and mind. The self-care practice deeply nourishes the skin and calms the nervous system.


Choose organic oils like Apricot Body Oil and Stone Crop Body. Warm the oil slightly before applying it to your skin and scalp. Use back and forth motions on your limbs and circular motions on your joints. 


Shower and pat your skin dry. 


Pranayama and Meditation 

If anyone asks what my best business tool is, it's this. 10-20 minutes of meditation is a game-changer. 

Ten minutes of meditation is equal to 44 minutes of sleep:)



Yoga and or a brisk morning hike.

Get your blood pumping.


Practice Gratitude


Make a gratitude list and set some intentions for your day.  


This morning ritual list may seem large; start with one morning practice and build on it. Getting to bed early and waking up to nourish yourself can have a profound impact on your day. You're worth your time.


All my love,




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