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Dome Infrared Sauna

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St. Margaret's Bay we are thrilled to offer you the best in relaxation and detoxification!


Our  Infrared Dome Sauna provides you with the luxury of fully resting in savasana (resting yoga pose) while being cocooned in the warmth of this detoxifying treatment. 

BONUS: You can have a Spa Chappelle Organic Beauty Facial at the same time!!


Here are a few important facts about the Clear Light Dome Sauna:

We've done our research and have partnered with the most reputable company.


>This company was started by a doctor.

> The Clear Light Saunas are the pioneers of the Infrared Sauna Industry

>Materials matter: This sauna was created by physicians

>Low EMF, actually less than 1 millagauss 

>The Clear Light Dome Sauna is the only sauna used at the Arcadia Cancer Clinic in Germany

>Hippocrates Health Institute exclusively uses Clear Light Saunas 

>You can control the heat three ways: lower dome, higher dome, and base mat. 

>Benefits include detoxification, weight loss and increased metabolism, clear skin, reduced stress and fatigue, immune boosting, ease joint pain and stiffness and muscle pain relief. 


Session are $35.00


The dome sauna is available at our Tantallon location only. 


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