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WINNERS and PRIZES for the 2022 Spa Holiday Event!

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Essential Serum Trio Gift Set

Melissa Zinck 

Stone Crop Revitalizing Gift Set

Janice Pierce

Marine Flower Peptide Concentrate

Cindy Bray 

Stone Crop Fizzafoliant

Wendy Miller

Skin Regimen Regimen Essential Trio Skin Care Set + Spa Chappelle Goodie Bag

Deanna Slaney

Comfort Zone Pack of 3 BioCellulose Face Mask - Skin Perfect, DeStress, aand Water Source

Joan Pearson

Sublime Deluxe Lift Skin Care Set + Spa Chappelle Goodie Bag

Sally Loring

Spa Chappelle $50 Gift Card + Spa Chappelle Goodie Bag

Megan Spidle

Jane Iredale Finishing Touches Cosmetic Bag + Spa Chappelle Goodie Bag

Breagh MacDonald

Skin Regimen Good to Glow Anti- Pollution Energizing Illuminating Kit

Julie Arsenault


To collect your prize please let us know by email which location you world prefer to pick your prize up at:) Thank you!

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