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Spa Business Consulting with CEO Shannon Chappelle



I'm Shannon Chappelle; I have been in the Spa Industry for over 28 years and have been running my spas for 16 years. It has been wild, exhausting at times, and beautiful.
My passion started in self-care (and it's still there because this is the foundation for your business and life). I'm an Esthetician by trade and a damn good one if I say so myself. But I was an entrepreneur all along, and it lights me up even to say that.
The entrepreneurial journey will have you on every rollercoaster emotion we can imagine, excitement, crippling fear, love, exhaustion, self-doubt, joy; you know this list all too well.

I've grown leaps and bounds and want to share this growth and knowledge with other business owners.

I want you to get stronger, tap into your full potential, grow your business, grow the community you serve, and grow your financial wealth.




If you would like to find out ways to work with me, you can connect with me here to set up a 30 minute complimentary discovery call. In the mean time I will also send you my top 13 Spa Business Building Tips! 


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