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Spa Master Classes for Estheticians

Introducing Spa Master Classes for Estheticians! 


Are you ready the take your Spa Career to the next level?


Are you excited to offer your spa guest an even deeper experience?


This Ayurvedic Inspired Facial with Indian Head Massage Spa Master Class will give you the tools you need to coach your client on feeling her most radiant true self with the wisdom of Ayurveda.


You'll also be given the techniques and recipes that will give her or him a spa experience that they will never forget.


You will have your own takeaways too...think of this 2 day Spa Master Class as your own Ayurvedic Retreat of learning and relaxation. You'll discover your own elemental nature and how you can bring it back to balance again and again.  



Hi, I'm Shannon Chappelle. I have been in the Spa industry for over 25 years now, built two successful spa businesses and have coached hundreds of estheticians.

I'm ready to pass along what I've learned, and I am ecstatic to be offering Spa Master Classes for Estheticians!


I believe in the Spa industry more now than I ever have. Spas are a source of touch, we are not only in the beauty industry, but we are also in the healing industry. 

The world is hooked on fast, overstimulation and chronic stress. Spas provide a space to relieve all of that.

You provide that healing touch and you inspire people to live their best lives through self-love and care. The world needs you.

Ayurvedic Inspired Facials with Indian Head Massage. 


If you want to learn more about:

>A 5000-year-old system of wellness and deep wisdom that will teach you about your unique elemental nature and your clients and how to treat imbalances that will bring you back to your true nature so that you are feeling your absolute best

> Guiding your client through an Ayurvedic journey that will enhance their everyday lives. 

> Giving your clients a facial experience that they will never forget and will have them coming back again and again

Then please join me for this Ayurvedic Learning Retreat. You will have take-aways that will enhance your well-being for life.



The teachings of Ayurveda will enrich your practice and your client's experience.

The greatest gift Ayurveda has given me is the understanding of knowing myself better, knowing what my body, skin, and emotions need to bring me back to a state of balance - my true self.

It's an honor to pass this wisdom on to my clients AND to take them through an Ayurvedic experience that restores peace in their hearts, brings them inner harmony, and a beautiful radiance to their skin. 

Join me for these two days of learning. You'll walk away feeling like you had been at your own Ayurvedic Retreat of healing and beauty. And you will feel inspired and ready to wholeheartedly take your clients under your wing, guiding them through an extraordinary experience.

All my love,


Here's what people are saying: 

"Learn from the best!"

I've been working with Shannon for almost four years. I've grown with Spa Chappelle, and I'm so thankful for the opportunities Shannon has given me, and I'm confident when I tell you I have truly learned from the best.

Shannon truly is one of the most amazing mentors in my life, business-wise and just in my everyday life. I'm so proud to say I work alongside Shannon Chappelle and I can't wait to see what even bigger plans the universe as to offer her.

~ Myah Desrochers, Esthetician at Spa Chappelle Organic Beauty Inc.


"Changing the face of the spa industry and making an impact."

“Working with Shannon is incredibly inspiring, and it’s amazing to see her business soul ignite with passion and drive!  Shannon is a spa and beauty leader, visionary and a delightful friend and business partner. In our years of collaboration, Shannon has devoted herself to growing and nourishing her spa businesses.  She sets a beauty standard of self-love, gratitude all the while not only making the world a more beautiful place but also inspiring other beauty businesses to rise up, bring their best forward and change the face of the spa industry.  Shannon truly is making an impact on the lives of her spa guests and spa professionals. She is setting an example for others and making her spa spaces a safe haven for guests to relax and also for her spa professionals, a safe place to work and grow.”

 ~Sarah Vlasblom, Regional Sales & Education Representative for Eminence Organic Skin Care and Elate Cosmetics


Save Your Spot - BUY NOW

Course Date: May 2nd and 3rd, 2021

9:00 am - 5:00 pm  

Cost $595.00 plus HST


Have more questions? Book a call with Shannon at

Yes, I'm ready to take my spa career to the next level! Please put me on the list to find out when more Spa Master Classes are happening!




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