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NuFACE Supercharged Skincare Kit LIMITED EDITION

NuFACE Supercharged Skincare Kit LIMITED EDITION

Take your lift to the next level by combining IonPlex Microcurrent Skincare with award-winning professional-level microcurrent device. This perfect pairing gives you toned, lifted and contoured skin in just two steps.

BOOST skin with Ionized Super Peptide Booster serum. This clean, peptide-packed serum hydrates and smooths skin, helps to diminish the look of fine lines, and enhances microcurrent results.

ACTIVATE + LIFT: Activate microcurrent results with Ionized Silk Creme Activator. This powerful activator conducts the microcurrent down to the muscles and locks in moisture for up to 48 hours, for a firmer, brighter complexion. Apply in sections with the Clean Sweep Brush while using the Device for improved facial contour and tone.