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Spa Business Mastery Course


Hi! I'm Shannon Chappelle:


I am the CEO & Founder of Spa Chappelle Organic Beauty Inc.


I help spa owners reclaim their personal power so they can have the energy, inspiration, and insight to lead and grow a highly profitable business. 


  I'm so excited to share the Spa Chappelle Blueprint with you! 


 If you're ready to transform your self, your business, team, and clients:


Join me on October 29th for my four week Spa Business Mastery Course for Spa Owners!  


 Seats are already filling up. This course will be a small intimate class of six people only!  


 Course details:

Four weekly 1 hour live online group coaching sessions with action steps that you can implement right away. 

1:1 60 min Kick-off Private Coaching Session when paid in full. 

Payment plan available.  

The course cost $997.00 plus tax.

After January 2020, $1997.00 Save $1000 now.


Course dates: October 29th, November 12th, November 19th and November 26th.  Tuesdays at 2:00 pm via Zoom. 


Here's an overview of my upcoming 4 week Spa Business Mastery Course:


Module 1: 


Presence and Power


Your Business is a direct reflection of you. 


Self-care is how you get your power back. 


The energy, growth and stability of your business starts with you! That's why our first module is about realigning you with your truest most authentic self. When you're operating from your most connected and powerful self - you'll be running your business, it won't be running you!


We'll discover the best self-care practices that will raise your vibrational energy and your confidence.


(There's more to self-care than essentials oils and hot baths, yes we love those things but we are going to be talking about healthy boundaries and remembering our deepest desires too)


Feel alive and inspired again after this module. 


Module 2:


Money Mindset Mastery and the Profit First Formula 


This is a big one! 


Your numbers are like your North Star. They tell you where you are and where you want to go.


We are going to explore a whole new way of looking at your numbers so that you are operating on Profit First! 


Yes, you pay yourself first. 


Knowing your numbers will root you in your power. 


And the minute you start paying attention to this energy it will expand. 


Module 3:


Crush Your Retail Sales!


Get your team selling! Take your team sales from 5% retail to 80% plus retail! We have had our spa team selling as high as 92% retail to service sales. I'll be sharing my blueprints for retail sales and how to engage your team so that they are inspired to share this knowledge with your spa community.


Module: 4 


Branding Equity + Marketing 


Make your customers your ambassadors and clarify your message.


In this module, I'll be sharing the best practices to build a spa community that you and your team are connected to in a deep and meaningful way. 


In this module, we will explore how you are relaying your message at the spa and outside of the spa.


Every spa is different, you are going to give voice to yours. 


Bonus Takeaways:


Successful and Profitable Event Planning 


Processes and Policies to keep your business running smoothly so that you don't have to be there every waking hour!


That's it! I'm giving away the Spa Chappelle Blueprint for personal and professional transformation.



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